General terms and conditions

With this book you support a project! It was printed in a limited edition, using the very best materials and with great care for quality as a lasting memento of this beautiful and exceptional Molenbeek project. The sale price is far below market value. Purchasing this book helps us to cover the costs of its production. As a reader, you help keep the soul of the La Rose Blanche project alive!

Shipping and delivery policy

The sales conditions and the shipping rate only apply to shipments within Belgium. If you would like to receive this book abroad, please let us know. We will then inform you of the shipping price so that you can still decide on the purchase. As soon as we receive the order and the payment, we will pack the book carefully and take it to the post office. If the shipment arrives damaged, please report this to us, preferably with a photo of the damage. In principle, we propose an exchange: you return the book to us and we will provide you with a new copy minus your shipping costs.

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